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Action Physical Therapy provides cutting edge physical therapy for people with Parkinson Disease (PD)! APT uses an approach known as PWR!Moves® (Parkinson Wellness Recovery) that has been developed by Physical Therapist, Dr. Becky Farley, PhD, MS, PT. After completing a round of physical therapy, a person can maintain and optimize mobility by participating in the Parkinson Disease Exercise Class at Anytime Fitness Friday afternoons at 1:30pm. Contact Jason Gates, PT, MHA, NCS of Action PT Shawnee at (405) 214-0300 for more information about the PD program and exercise class.

PWR!Moves® Certified Therapists develop and prescribe comprehensive Exercise4BrainChange® programming to address multiple symptoms and personalized goals for all levels of disease severity, fitness, and co-morbidities for optimal benefit. They offer focused education, problem solving, and coaching to empower and overcome barriers associated with Parkinson Disease.

Connecting with others is a great way to fight Parkinson's. The Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma (PFO) provides a support group in Shawnee, OK for those living with Parkinson's Disease (PD), their caregivers, and anyone wanting to know about PD. The support group is currently led by Bruce McIntyre, Executive Director, and is held at 3:00pm at the First Baptist Church of Shawnee (227 N. Union, Shawnee, 74804) every 3rd Tuesday of the month. 

If you would like more information on support groups and other resources, contact the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma at (405) 810-0695. If you would like information on Parkinson-specific therapy for those living in the Shawnee area, please contact Jason Gates, PT, MHA, NCS at Action Physical Therapy Shawnee. 

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